BAN THIENG NA "House by the Farm"

These houses are built on a slope with all the characteristics found in a traditional Thai farm house. All of them have a veranda with breath-taking views of the rustic forest. The locks on the doors are made with an old-fashioned wooden latch. The color scheme is beige and brown making it balanced with the lush greenery surrounding the compund. The bathroom is one of open-roof to create maximum air flow making you fell like you are taking a shower outside.

Ban Thiengna
Ban Thiengna
Ban Thiengna


  Unique type bungalow on a slope
  Concept of Thai traditional village homes
  Large verandah for breeze
  Seperate bathrooms
  Large bed
  Television, Telephone, Refrigerator
  Water heater for warm baths
* All three bungalows are close in proximity